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Mark's Musical History

Mark Crouter - circa 1973 - photo by D Crouter(?)

I didn't start out to be a bassist, and took piano lessons at 7, picked up an acoustic guitar at 16, electric at 17 and then bass at 17 as well.  I've been in a number of bands, and, being the packrat that I am, have saved a few things along the way...

Here is a shot of the rehearsal for my first real gig (assembly at high school - singing/playing Knights in White Satin, the prom theme), followed by a picture from the actual performance.  I think Jerry Lewis took both these photos.  The drummer is Rory Connally and the guitarist is David Waite (now deceased....) and the band was DaMaRo (DAve MArk ROry - get it? nobody else did, either...), flautist is Janet Franco (seen tripping over a cable), Ralph Adamson in background.  Shure VocalSmasher, note that both bass and guitar are plugged into the same Heathkit guitar amp (built by David).  Also note I am using my own bass for rehearsal (japanese Pbass clone), and a borrowed EB for the performance.


DaMaRo rehearsal - photo by J Lewis    DaMaRo performance at high school assembly - photo J Lewis

I was in a country band called Lonnie Barber and the Renegades for about 8 months - toured all the way to Oklahoma, experiencing many unusual spots on the way.  We spent an evening talking with the Platters when they played the same place we did in Oklahoma - that was something else...  A drummer that spent 2 years in the Navy in Morocco trying hashish in everything, and a female lead singer that was, shall we say, a pleasure to stand behind.  I don't have any photos of the band, but here is a post card from the beautiful Hotel Morck in Aberdeen Washington where we stayed for a few weeks... 

Hotel Morck - Aberdeen, WA....from a postcard

I played in a a number of bands with Dave Deen (currently residing in the Tri-Cities).  Here is some promo material from a few of those...  Sad to say,  I don't have anything of the original band I played in with Dave and Don Nielson and flautist Reid Hogle - we once went under the name of Root Unit and the Condom Kids.  I also played in a band in college with Dave and drummer Tom Hough (now residing in Olympia).  Here are a few photos of Dave and myself (and brother Dan and then-girlfriend Charissa) and one of Tom from that time frame (late 73)...In the 'small world' vein, it turns out that Tom played with Chip in reggae band called the Kingstones!

Brother Dan, Dave Deen, Charissa    Charissa, Me (Mark), Mom and Dave with thumbs up    Tom Hough - 11/73    Mark in college 1973 - bed by father and son

First is from Spectacle - a band with Mike and Mark Mattingly (both residing in the Seattle area).  Probably one of the most fun units I have ever performed with, we played ZZ Top, Kansas, Queen, Styx....at Emil's and the Beefarena, too.  The promo pics were taken by my brother, Dan.

Specatacle promo - Mark, Mike, Mark and Dave - photo by D Crouter    Spectacle promo - Mike, mark, Mark, Dave - photo by D Crouter    Early Spectacle promo - photo by D Crouter    Spectacle equipment list circ 1976-77     

Also with Dave, I played in Parts and Accessories - with drummer Don Neilson and guitarist Steve Rogers.  Promo is from the Holiday Inn - everyone has to play a Holiday Inn, right??  I was working out in the Hanford Area (DEEP reverb/echo...) during the day and playing at night.

Part and Accessories - Holiday Inn promo (Mark, Steve, Don, Dave)

Got married - moved to Seattle - sold most of my gear to get into a house.  But I couldn't deny the musical rumblings... So I joined Rigel - a Unicam band fronted by Bob Barlish for many years.  Here are some promo photos and gig shots from that time frame.  Dig the outfits - a scarf, I was stylin'.  Sad to say, the drummer Jim Campbell is no longer with us, having passed away a number of years ago.  Guitarist's included Jay Delacruz, keyboardist's included Jim Pautler.


Rigel promo picture    Rigel promo picture    Rigel promo picture     Rigel promo picture    


 Rigel performacne picture - mark playing ricky bass   Rigel performacne picture - mark playing ricky bass (dig the scarf!)    Rigel performacne picture - mark playing ricky bass, Jay Delacruz on guitar Jim Campbell on drums    


I played in a blues band for a short while - trying to learn how to play keyboards (I had acquired a Synergy, and figured the best way to learn was to play in a blues band...).  The band was called JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off) with Jim Campbell...I don't have any material that I can find from that era. === News Flash - Just ran across a couple of photos of JATO....for your enjoyment.... (Bill Lovy - are you out there???).


I moved over to The Force - with Scott Emmons on guitar, Frank  Grabner on keyboards, Dave Delzotto on drums.  We eventually added Dena on vocals - again, a fine singer to, er, stand behind.

The Force promo picture    The Force playlist page 1    The Force playlist page 2    

The Force promo picture - with Dena    The Force playlist page 1    The Force playlist page 2


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