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Seattle Storm Game June 9, 2007





Yup - we get to play at a Seattle Storm basketball game on June 9th !!! 

It's Ladies Night Out, and we will be playing at the MGD Main Stage in the Arena before the game (private party I believe), and then we will playing during half-time.



Directions to the Seattle Center Arena:

Directions to Seattle Center

Seattle Center is located at:

305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98109

If you drive, the following are suggestions to minimize time spent in congestion:

To Seattle Center:

bulletTake the Mercer Street/Seattle Center exit (exit 167).
bulletAt the first traffic light, turn right onto Fairview.
bulletAt the next light, turn left onto Broad Street.
bulletTurn right onto 5th Ave.
bulletTurn left on to Roy Street (one way street).

Roy street is one block away from Mercer Street. The main entrance to the theatre is located on Mercer Street and 2nd Ave North. There are a number of parking lots available within walking distance of the theatre.

Regional Map

Alternative Driving Routes To Home
After your favorite evening event, avoid the crowds on Mercer Street by trying a new route home from Seattle Center:

To Ballard via Denny Way, go west on Denny Way. Turn right onto Western Ave W which merges onto Elliott Ave W for Ballard.

To Hwy 99 S via Broad St, from Thomas St, go south on 2nd Ave N. Turn right onto Broad St and left onto Elliott Ave. The entrance to Hwy 99 S is on your right.

To Hwy 99 via Battery St, from Thomas St, go south on 2nd Ave N to Battery St. Turn left onto Batter St which will take you directly to the entrance of Hwy 99 N.

To Hwy 99 via Mercer St, go east on Mercer St, get into right hand lane and turn right onto Dexter Ave N. After 3 blocks, take a right onto Thomas for direct access to Hwy 99 N.

To I-5 S, via 2nd Ave, from Thomas Street, go south on 2nd Ave N (then 2nd Ave) for approximately 1.6 miles to Spring St. Turn left onto Spring St for access to I-5 S.

To I-5 S, via Denny Way, go east on Denny Way to Yale Ave. Turn right onto Yale Ave for access to I-5 S.

To I-5 S via 5th Ave, go south on 5th Ave N (then 5th Ave) for approximately 1.4 miles and turn left onto Spring St which will take you directly to I-5 S.

To I-5 N via Denny Way, go east on Denny Way. Turn right onto Boren. Take a left onto Olive Way and cross-over I-5. The I-5 N entrance will be on your left.



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