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Taking the 5th




Whew!!  At last, we have completed our first CD!  All the CD art is included here, so it might take a little bit for the graphics to load!

Taking the 5th, our first effort, has 11 tracks - 9 original songs and 2 cover tunes.  It was recorded at drummer Mike Shaw's Shawshank Studios (photos).   The basic tracks were recorded live by all musicians at the same time - something of a rarity in these ProTools days.  Tracks were then transported to the Bat Cave (Mark Crouter's studio/shed) for some additional solos, as well as mixing and mastering.  Definitely an in-house, team effort!



CD Cover



                                                            Front                    Back                Case Back        Disc Label

Click on the above thumbnails to see Full Size versions of the artwork.

Artwork, layout, photography and design on the CD was realized by: 

Allen Freeman  ( www.allenfreeman.net & www.allenfreeman.us )

 - thanks Allen!!

Here is a list of the tracks on the CD, as well as access to a sample MP3 of the first few minutes of each song (NOT the whole song...).  Just click on the MP3 symbol next to each song to hear the sample.

Taking the 5th

Track Listing

  1. Royal Heirs (Leonard Jackson) 4:55 - A tribute to the great vibraphonist Roy Ayers.  A syncopated jazz-funk style 70's throwback     MP3
  2. Go Figure (Chip Erickson) 5:28 - Funky tune in the George Clinton vein.....Warning!!  The song contains a bass solo!     MP3
  3. Bossa Novus (Leonard Jackson) 5:34    Composer Leonard Jackson makes a vocal debut on  this airy Brazilian Bossa-style composition     MP3
  4. When Summer Comes (Leonard Jackson) 6:01   Fender Rhodes inspired, smooth jazz influenced, piece woven and layered around a snappy melodic groove     MP3
  5. Once Around the Park (Leonard Jackson) 3:43 -   A moderate-tempo saunter around jazz-chording and bop inspired melodies in this "Sunday come easy" ballad     MP3
  6. Shoreview Park (Chip Erickson) 5:44 - Written by Chip while walking his dog - true story.    MP3
  7. Night By Night (Becker/Fagan) 5:42 - Cover of a great Steely Dan tune, but with a swing ending.    MP3
  8. Perils in Paradise (Leonard Jackson) 7:09 -  Dinner and dessert (at a little after 6) samba jazz  with a bass solo flavored after mint !      MP3
  9. Cabo San Lucas (Chip Erickson) 5:58 - Written and sung by Chip, inspired by a vacation he took to Cabo San Lucas where he also helped discover the Macarena (another true story)!   MP3
  10. Song for My Father (Horace Silver) 4:54 - A reggae-flavored cover of a classic jazz tune by Horace Silver.    MP3
  11. Red Light District (Paul Fessenden) 4:09 - Paul's first composer contribution to the band, this is a steamy dance song written about a dance club called the "RED LIGHT DISTRICT" in the heart of little Havana, where people hang out, drink, and dance all night long.   MP3

CD Baby - Soon!

We anticipate having the CD up on CD Baby soon, so full MP3s of the tunes will b e available for sale through that outlet!


=== How To Order the CD ===

We are not set up for PayPal (yet...soon!!), so if you would like to acquire a copy of Taking the 5th, please do the following:

1) Send a check or money order for $10 + $2.50 S/H = total $12.50 to:

The 4th Degree
PO Box 131
Carnation, WA 98014


2) Please make sure to include your address so we know where to ship it to!


We will get it back to you within a couple of weeks.




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