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Celtic Bayou - 7/12/2003




This is a Past Event - it's already Happened!!!


The 4th Degree returns to the Celtic Bayou!

Our second (!) gig at the Celtic Bayou (an English Cajun brewpub place!) will be on July 12th, 2003 (a Saturday).  We will start at 9 and go until 12:30.  Please come and help us fill the place, as we will be playing for the door! 

Their food is wonderful - from the fish and chips to the blackened salmon.  And the beer is made on site - all the varieties I sampled were excellent!

The Celtic Bayou website is - www.celticbayou.com .  It's a little hard to find - in a strip mall at the entrance to 520 in Redmond.  There are directions on their website.


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