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Bellevue Galleria Art Festival  - July  2003.  

Couldn't get anyone to get photos of us, so the usual shots of band members standing around...Sorry!!

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Covington Days  - August  2003.  

Wonderful, small, festival - great crowd!  Thanks to Charlotte (Char) Erickson for taking some of these pictures!


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Redhook Brewery  - August  2003.  

Thanks to Barry Parks for taking these photos!  Typical brilliant August day - packed crowd, great beer....

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IKEA  - March 11, 2003.  

We played three hours at IKEA in Renton as part of the KWJZ 'Uncrowd' series.  Despite the moniker, it was crowded!  Thanks to Craig Utterback for taking these photos and helping with the sound!


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Concur Technologies - October  2002.  

A private party for my employer!  Way too much fun!


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PAWS Benefit 2002 - Sept 14, 2002.  In addition to playing at the event, we also handled sound for the other acts which included Michael Powers and Deems Tsutakawa.  This made for a very busy day!

We had a great time!!!!  There are some COOL pictures at the PAWS Website !!


And here are some of our own shots (by John DelCarlo) of the event (thanks John!):

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July, 2002 - Wedding (private)

A really fun evening with a most appreciative audience!  We enjoyed ourselves nearly as much as the family!

View from behind the house     The stage - covered, no less!    Actually a tennis court    Everyone should have one!    Hot time summer in the city - shade wlecome!

Mike at rest     Paul at rest     Leonard tuning   

June 15, 2002 - On the Water again!

As part of the KWJZ Summer Cruise series, the 4th Degree took the water for a beautiful evening cruise of Lake Washington.  The weather was simply incredible, and being on the lake meant we didn't have to deal with the waves....

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December 12, 2001 - On the Water

This band played it's first boat gig on December 12th.  It was cold!  The water was a little rough - at one point an audience member helped to keep one of our PA tripods from falling over!!  Still, we enjoyed playing Christmas tunes (Linus and Lucy!!) and having folks up and dancing.  Well, OK, staggering is a better description...as were the band members.  Wish I had a video camera to capture Paul and Leonard trying to stand up and play at the same time.  I, smartly, found a chair and sat down. 

We found out about the tides, too.  When we loaded our equipment down the ramp to the dock, it was at about a 20 degree angle.  On our return, it was closer to 45 degrees - making hauling our equipment (in the rain) back up the ramp that much more fun!

Here are only a few pictures...hey it was dark!  A shot of the other ship (very loud - their PA was drowning us out at one point...), a shot of Leonard resplendent in his Christmas tie, a shot of Mike in his corner (you can see the plastic sheeting protecting us from the elements), a shot of the interior (hard to make out - shot from the 'stage'), and a shot of some Christmas lights (I think...email us if you think you know what it is!)

The Other Boat - Photo by Mark Crouter   Leonard Jackson and Tie - Photo by Mark Crouter   Mike and his sticks - Photo by Mark Crouter   From the stage - Photo by Mark Crouter   Christmas Lights? - Photo by Mark Crouter

September 15, 2001 - Gasworks Park

Here are the PAWS picks!!!  We had a good time playing this benefit at Gasworks Park.  The weather was PERFECT, the dogs were out!  And we followed a Pet Psychic....wonder what my dog Frank thinks of our music?

Photo by Zachary Jackson    Photo by Zachary Jackson    Photo by Zachary Jackson    Photo by Zachary Jackson    Photo by Zachary Jackson

Photo by Zachary Jackson    Photo by Zachary Jackson    Photo by Zachary Jackson    Photo by Zachary Jackson    Photo by Zachary Jackson

August 26, 2001 -- The 4th Degree had a chance to play at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville on August 26.  We played in the beergarden - outside behind the Forecaster Lounge.  The weather was simply fantastic, the sun was out and the crowd was large.  This was our first public outing with Paul, our new saxophonist - he proved to the fans what a superb player he is....Welcome aboard Paul!

Thanks  to John DelCarlo for taking these shots with my camera.

Mike at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    The 4th Degree at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    The 4th Degree at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    The 4th Degree at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    The 4th Degree at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    

Chip and Leonard at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    Chip and Leonard at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    The 4th Degree at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    Mark at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo    Paul at the Redhook - photo by J DelCarlo



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