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PAWS 2002 Benefit

This is a Past Event - it's already Happened!!!

We had a great time!!!!  There are some COOL pictures at the PAWS Website !!


And here are some of our own shots (by John DelCarlo) of the event (thanks John!):

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The 4th Degree to Play PAWS 2002 Bark-in-the-Park Benefit

September 14th, 2002 at Sandpoint Magnuson Park

June 28, 2002 -- The 4th degree will play on September 14th at the PAWS Bark-in-the-Park Benefit Concert at Sand Point Magnuson in Seattle.

We will be playing third on a bill of six artists, and anticipate starting around 1:00 or 2:00PM.  You can bring your dog (this is PAWS....), and enjoy the park the music and your favorite four-footed friend.

Please follow this link to the PAWS Bark-in-the-Park website....http://www.barkinthepark.com/music/

From the Bark-in-the-Park website...

Live music all day provided by the following bands, in order of appearance (line-up subject to change):


Michael Powers


HD Fusion


The 4th Degree


Nature Boy Saints


Geoff Cooke Quintet


Deems Tsutakawa

To find out more about PAWS, check out this link .... http://www.paws.org/


We played the PAWS 2001 benefit last year - see pictures of that event here!

For More Information Contact:

The 4th Degree
P.O.Box 147 Lynnwood,WA 98046

Internet: mailto:the4thdegree@hotmail.com

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